Working with a General Contractor

Working With a General Contractor

3 Reasons to Use Glulam Timber in Your New Home Build

Avery Shaw

Glulam (or glue-laminated) timber is a type of engineered wood that is often used on construction projects. It is composed of various layers of wood that are bonded together tightly to create a finished piece of timber.

If you're looking for an alternative to standard timber or even steel beams, rafters, floorboards, joists and trusses, then glulam products are an option worth considering.

What are the advantages of using this kind of wood in your build?

1. Lightweight Strength

Glulam wood is a lightweight alternative to heavier materials like steel and concrete. If you need a lighter load-bearing capacity, then this timber is a good solution.

However, its lighter weight won't give you any strength disadvantages. Glulam is also incredibly strong. Its laminating manufacturing process adds strength to the layers of wood. Weak spots are reinforced with stronger wood in the bonding process to create a stronger end product.

This is useful if you need to use large or custom-sized timbers that have to be fixed together. The bonding process is effective — it can turn small pieces of wood into a larger piece that is robust and dimensionally stable. This also helps if you need to build something without traditional supports.

2. Durability

Glulam products last for years. Even regular timbers with standard coatings and treatments will stand the test of time. If you use products that have specialist preservatives added to them, like pressure coatings, then you get extra durability.

Glulam timbers are a better alternative to natural wood if they will be in the open or exposed to the elements. These timbers typically don't warp, swell or shrink but keep their original shape over the years.

Plus, glulam has some built-in fire resistance. If this wood catches fire, its internal structure chars but then cuts off incoming oxygen and heat which prevents fires from taking hold as quickly as they would if you used regular timbers.

3. Customisation

If you need non-standard supports, such as small, large or curved pieces, then it can be hard to find suitable solutions. Glulam timbers give you more flexibility.

As well as buying standard sizes of wood, you can also order customised sizes, shapes and designs. You can size and shape this timber in virtually any way you like without compromising its integrity or strength.

To find out more about glulam products and how you could use them on your new home build, contact your local building supplies company.


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