Working with a General Contractor

Working With a General Contractor

Ideas For Incorporating Beautiful Glass Into Your New Kitchen

Avery Shaw

Many decorative materials compete for attention when you're undergoing a renovation or designing a custom kitchen. One element — reminiscent of an icy glacier or a calm lake — is glass. Read on for ideas about how to incorporate this lovely substance into your kitchen


Sleek, smooth glass imparts beauty no matter where you place it. Spread it across the splashback and back paint it in a range of hues such as subtle fawn and white or vivid cobalt and red. Without countless grout lines messing up the splashback area, the glazing will create a more calming kitchen atmosphere. Instead of a solid hue, you could print an image across the back — a skyline of a city at dawn or a textured print of brickwork or other surfaces. If your architecture allows it, you could install a window splashback to open up the kitchen to outside, all the while allowing natural light to flow inside. If a fence or another building is what's on show through the window, consider covering it with a trellis full of lush flowers and foliage.


Another way to incorporate glass into custom kitchens is with frosted glazing on cabinet doors. In contrast to other solid cupboard doors, the glass versions create an unexpected difference. If you were to install glass doors throughout, though, the effect would be overwhelming and the surprise factor would disappear. To create a balanced overall design, reserve the special treatment for a few central cupboards. For instance, you could select upper doors on either side of a range hood. The frostiness will hide any clutter within the cabinet, but if you wanted to display your favourite pottery, you could fit clear glass instead.

External Door, Lamp Or Window

The glass need not merely be either clear or frosted. Colourful glass pieces within an external leadlight door can introduce subtle soft pinks and corals or vivid greens and blues into the space. Light rays flowing from outside will softly take on these tints. The jigsaw-like designs within stained glass cover botanical themes of leaves and flowers or geometric motifs of squares, circles and fan shapes. You can inject stained glass doors with virtually any style from any period, matching them to contemporary and traditional decors. A stained glass pendant light hanging above a kitchen island or dining table provides another way to project colourful light rays to all corners of the room. Alternatively, you could construct a decorative window with further creative patterns.


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