Working with a General Contractor

Working With a General Contractor

Top Benefits of Solar-Powered Road Line Marking

Avery Shaw

Road line marking plays an integral role in directing drivers and pedestrians as well as promoting road safety. Paving contractors have traditionally used various forms of paint – from glass-bead paints to luminous paint – on line-marking projects to achieve the desired effect. However, advancements in technology have taken road line marking to the next level. This article highlights how road line marking contractors stand to benefit from solar-powered solutions.

Versatility in Line Marking -- Today, various occasions can force municipalities to change the way specific roads are used. For example, when a city wants to organize marathon races, designated routes must be marked afresh to guide runners. However, since the paint used in road line markings is permanent, new route markings have to be painted with conspicuous shades. It helps runners to distinguish route markings from regular road markings. Solar-powered road line marking eliminates this challenge because of its versatility. The technology uses intelligent solar panels equipped with LED lighting that act as route markings. Consequently, changing road line markings to suit a particular occasion -- in this case, a marathon race route -- can be done by the touch on a button. The same process can be used when changing a two-lane road to a three-lane highway.

Constant Road Line Markings Illumination -- Safety is of utmost importance on highways, especially on poorly lit roads. That is why contractors prefer to use luminous paints on highways and roads that are not lined with roadside lights. However, luminous paints used on roads wear out over time and require a fresh coat to keep motorists safe. Nonetheless, contractors and drivers don't have to worry about this problem with solar-powered road line markings. The reason for this is that the LED lights embedded in the panels are powered by solar energy. The lights do not fade away like paints, thereby keeping poorly lit highways illuminated at all times. Moreover, contractors don't have to worry about painting fresh coats of luminous paint onto fading markings.

Weatherproof Line Marking -- Painted road line markings become invisible when covered with snow. Consequently, it causes traffic snarl-ups in busy highways and increases the chances of drivers violating road line markings. While snow ploughs do an excellent job at clearing highway snow piles on roads, the amount of work that goes into keeping the streets and the line markings visible takes time. Solar-powered road line markings eliminate this challenge because the panels are equipped with elements which help to keep the surface temperatures a few degrees above freezing. Therefore, snow does not get time to settle, thereby ensuring all road line-markings are visible regardless of the weather conditions.

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