Working with a General Contractor

Working With a General Contractor

What Are the Benefits of Hiring Professional Bricklayers?

Avery Shaw

Many general contractors in Australia will have direct experience with brickwork. Therefore, it can be tempting to construct walls from bricks and mortar yourself without bringing in a bricklaying contractor. However, unless you have the necessary skills at hand already, this can be a mistake. Simply put, this is because professional bricklayers will often be able to work to a much higher standard than you would otherwise be able to achieve. What are the main advantages of subcontracting out work to a professional bricklayer?

The Financial Benefits

To begin with, there is a financial risk involved for any main contractor which chooses to undertake their own bricklaying. Not only does this come down to the length of time that it will take somebody who is not so skilled in bricklaying to carry out their work, but it also means the chances of the wall being substandard are necessarily increased. To put it simply, bricklayers get their work done more rapidly, and, what's more, they will do a more professional job for you. If a wall were to collapse because it was not built properly, then the costs involved putting it right could even threaten the ongoing viability of your entire business. It is not worth the risk.

The Benefit of Experience

Another thing that is often overlooked about professional bricklayers is that they will have the necessary experience to overcome problems. No building site is without unforeseen issues that arise here and there. The construction of walls is no exception. Most bricklayers who have a few years' worth of experience behind them will identify issues before they occur, such as problems with planned window positions or the intersection between different walls. In most cases, they'll deal with them without you even being aware of it. Without such experience at hand, you are more likely to face disruption down the line.

The Architectural Benefits

Of course, laying bricks is not just about constructing a wall but creating an architectural effect. Most professional bricklayers will be able to arrange bricks and mortar in such a way that an attractive finish is possible when the job is done. Indeed, there are plenty of different patterns that bricklayers have at their disposal to make a range of effects and styles. Conversely, if you look at bricks that have been chosen by an amateur, then they are usually much less uniform and will have defects here and there. This can impact on the overall quality of the construction project in a very negative way, of course. With a professional bricklayer on your team, however, this should never be an issue.


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