Working with a General Contractor

Working With a General Contractor

A Guide On Site Safety Equipment

Avery Shaw

Safety is a critical aspect of any construction site. Construction site accidents can cause widespread property damage and untold human suffering. Below is an excerpt discussing the various safety equipment you should have at your construction site. 

Height Safety Equipment 

The scope of your operations will determine the safety equipment that you should use. For instance, ladders are ideal when conducting small-scale indoor works. When choosing a ladder, assess its height and weight limits. Besides, the equipment must be stable. Consider folding aluminium ladders that are lightweight and portable. When working outdoors, you will need power equipment such as scissor lifts and telehandlers. This equipment must be operated by trained operators. Watch out for site hazards such as unstable soils and low-lying branches. 

Scaffolding is used when building multi-storey structures. Ask your employees to be disciplined when using the scaffold. For instance, they should climb the scaffold in the designated areas. Additionally, they should not overload the scaffolding or use it in poor weather. 

Fire Safety Equipment

Your site must have fire safety equipment if there is a significant risk of fires. Use appropriate extinguishers at the site. For instance, you need a class A extinguisher to put out fires caused by combustibles (such as wood and paper), a class B extinguisher for fires caused by flammable liquids, and a class E extinguisher for electrical fires. The site should also have an emergency water supply to be used in case of an emergency. 

Traffic Control Equipment

Site accidents occur due to poor communication. Therefore, you need traffic control equipment to prevent accidents. For instance, you could install barricades to prevent personnel and site equipment from falling into pits at the site. Install traffic lights at the site access points. They will prevent plant equipment and vehicles from colliding as they get in or out of the site. Traffic cones and proper signage will alert other road users of heavy plant equipment. 

First Aid Equipment

How would you respond to accidents at the site? Have first aid kits to alleviate the condition of injured personnel. Ideally, some of the personnel should have first aid training. It ensures that you have first responders at your site. The site should have contacts to emergency services such as firefighters and local ambulances. 

You now have an understanding of site safety equipment. Remember to take a general liability cover to compensate injured employees and cover legal costs in case of an accident. 


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