Working with a General Contractor

Working With a General Contractor

4 Uses of Line Markings in a School

Avery Shaw

Marking school playgrounds increases children's safety, the same way car park line marking does for drivers and passengers. School line markings also help teachers to implement social distancing rules. Furthermore, many schools use coloured markings to inspire children's creativity. As a school head or owner, here are the top four ways you can use school line marking.

1. Markings to Guide Children During Playing

School teachers use line markings to encourage play in the field. They facilitate grid-based games such as ladders, football, snakes, as well as hopscotch. Children will have fun following the lines as they play. They are also helpful in imaginative and role-based play. 

These school line markings are customisable in colour type, line shape, colour depth, width and line length. Incorporating different colours and designs is an excellent way to encourage the children to play together, especially those in kindergarten. Coloured lines are also essential in demarcating boundaries in the field when working with different groups of children. 

2. Markings as Learning Resources 

Children mainly learn through visual methods. Given the power of markings to create long-lasting visual learning effects, schools use them regularly to teach different concepts. For instance, you can use drawings to teach mathematics and English concepts. 

Further, quality markings stay for long without coming off. This way, they remind children of the concepts they learn with teachers and practice together at will. 

3. Markings for Teaching Socialisation Skills 

Painted mazes, boards and dart games are used in schools to help learners socialise. Further, you can use them for teaching collaboration among learners. One of the cores of these games and paintings is encouraging learners to use their hands, legs and other body parts. This improves their motor skills. 

Children individually develop physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially. They also develop good behaviours like obeying the teachers and respecting each other. 

4. Markings for Exercises

Children who do exercise regularly have lesser risks of diabetes and other illnesses. These days, there is a widespread trend for kids to stay indoors and play computer games and watch screens, discouraging movements and exercising. There is a need for schools to use creative ways like school line markings, to inspire children to play so they can stay healthy and fit. 

School line markings consist of distinct colours and shapes which you can apply on your school playground, walls, or classroom. Investing in school line marking will put your school on the map by producing better children in academics and core-curricular activities.


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