Working with a General Contractor

Working With a General Contractor

Residential Staircases: Three Indispensable Tips for Construction Planning

Avery Shaw

If you are thinking about installing a new staircase for a new upper-level feature in your home or replacing your old stairs, you must plan for the project with diligence. An ideal staircase will not only provide safe and reliable access. The structure will enhance the appeal and value of the house after the installation. Under normal circumstances, you should engage a qualified general contractor for design and construction. However, you can handle most of the planning tasks. Here are simple tips to get you started.

Evaluate the Space

You should check on the available space for the installation of the staircase. This consideration will help you determine the best staircase size for your home. If you have a lot of room for the structure, you can build a wider staircase. This feature can add a touch of elegance and promote ease when using the steps. However, if you have limited space, choose a standard or smaller staircase width. Keep in mind that the available space will also influence the staircase design. Compact, straight designs are perfect for small spaces.

Check the Regulations

When designing your residential staircase, you must follow the requirements outlined in relevant building codes and standards. These rules are made to promote safety in homes, and they have been tried and tested. Overlooking the regulations could endanger your family. Moreover, you will not get approval for the new structure. The primary issues covered in the regulations include the maximum height of risers, minimum length of the step and the pitch of the staircases. Handrails, landings and headroom are also addressed.

Compare the Designs

Choosing the right staircase design is essential for achieving the best aesthetics in your home. Therefore, you should inquire about the options from your contractor before deciding. One of the popular options to consider is the open staircase. As implied, the design consists of steps made using solid planks. The lack of a solid structure makes them open enough to allow light and airflow. Moreover, the open steps can be shaped in diverse configurations.

If you are looking for something similar to traditional staircases, inquire about half-turn designs. This type of feature has a U-shaped designed with two parallel flights. Spiral staircases are popular for traditional homes. These are often made using classic materials like hardwood. However, you can add a modern twist by incorporating contemporary materials such as stainless steel and glass. Keep in mind that construction materials influence the appearance of staircases, so choose with care.

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