Working with a General Contractor

Working With a General Contractor

Unique Floor Materials to Consider for Your Outdoor Space

Avery Shaw

Creating an outdoor living space — preferably a patio — is easy because all you need is a floor. A patio is also cost-effective and only requires a few days of planning and construction. Since family and friends will be spending time on a patio, you must think about the floor material. Ideally, a patio floor must be comfortable to the feet, durable, and aesthetically appealing. Therefore, the materials you choose must meet the right criteria. This article highlights unique floor materials for outdoor spaces such as patios.

Foam Tiling

The first option at your disposal is foam tiling. Foam tiles are utilitarian, and they come in varying shapes, sizes, and colours. Explicitly designed for outdoor application, foam tiles are especially perfect for patios located close to a swimming pool. The reason is that they are slip and water-resistant, making them a safer choice than slippery materials such as glazed tiles. Therefore, if you have children and your patio is close to the swimming pool, foam tiling should be your preferred flooring material. Additionally, foam tiling is soft and flexible, ensuring maximum underfoot comfort. The flexible property also allows for easy installation on uneven ground. Notably, you can install foam tiles by interlocking them, meaning that you can join differently coloured or shaped pieces for enhanced aesthetics.

Stamped Concrete

Another unique flooring material you should think about is stamped concrete. Of course, everyone has seen what standard plain concrete flooring looks like. It is dull grey, which is the last thing you want on your patio when revamping the outdoor space. Stamped concrete is a better option due to its uniqueness. Also referred to as textured or imprinted concrete, stamped concrete can replicate different types of stones, tiles, bricks, and wood. The wide variety of designs, patterns, and colours makes stamped concrete a popular choice for homeowners looking for an affordable way to bring a high-end look to their patio.

Pea Gravel

It is arguably the cheapest patio flooring material; therefore, you should consider it if on a tight budget. Although making a patio is not expensive, you still need to buy supplies, and choosing to use gravel can cut down your cost considerably. It does not mean that you will be sacrificing aesthetics by using gravel on your patio floor. However, you cannot just use any gravel you find in a store because it differs in size, colour, and texture. Pea gravel is considered the best for patio floors because the stones are small, smooth, and round. Additionally, pea gravel comes in multicoloured red mixtures for added aesthetic value. The fact that pea gravel is smooth and the stones roll over each other makes the material comfortable under bare feet.

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